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Pavel Petrovich Petrov-Bytov

film director

Pavel Petrov-Bytov, USSR Film director.


Petrov-Bytov, Pavel was born on February 23, 1895 in the village of Bogorodskoe (now Bogorodsk) in Gorkii Oblast’.


Graduated from the Petrozavodsk Theatrical Studio, 1921.


Attended lectures at the Communist Academy of Literature, Art and Language, 1931-1933. Worked at Sevzapkino (now Lenfilm Studio) from 1924. First film, 1924. Other films: Kain i Artem (after M. Gorkii), Chudo, 1934, and Pugachev, 1937.

In the post-war years, was completely forgotten as a film-maker. Worked for the Leningrad Studio of Popular Scientific Films. Rediscovered during the late 1960s.