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Pentti Ensio Malaska Edit Profile

researcher , futurist educator

Pentti Ensio Malaska, Finnish futurist educator, researcher. Recipient Aurelio Peccei prize, 1990, 2001, Futures prize, 1991, 98, prize Technology Society, 1973, Kondratieff medal, 1998, Medal of the Night, Order of the White Rose of Finland, 1993, Commander medal Order of the White Rose of Finland, 1995.


Malaska, Pentti Ensio was born on April 11, 1934 in Kâkisalmi, Finland. Son of Ensio and Kerttu (Lastikka) Malaska.


Master of Science in Engineering, Technology University Helsinki, Finland, 1958. Doctor Technology, Technology University Helsinki, Finland, 1965.


Researcher Helsinki Technology University, 1958-1963. Engineer Imatran Voima, Helsinki, 1960-1961. Researcher Atomic Energy Agency, 1963-1966.

Professor management science Turku (Finland) School of Economics, 1966-1997. Director Finland Futures Research Center, 1992-1997. Advisor State Bank of Finland, Helsinki, 1971-1973.

Consultant in management science, future research field.


  • Other Work

    • Author: (poems) Open and Fuzzy Systems, 1978. Author: Visionary Managment, 2000, Science and Technology for the Sustainable Future, 2000, Futures Research Outline of a Post-Modern Idea of Progress, 2001. Co-author: Africa Beyond Famine, 1989.


Member World Futures Studies Federation (secretary-general 1990-1993, president 1993-1997), World Futures Society, Finland Futures Study Society (president 1980-1989), Academy Technology Sciences, Club of Rome.


Married Karin Holstius, April 14, 1987. Children: Heikki, Tiina.

Ensio Malaska

Kerttu (Lastikka) Malaska

Karin Holstius

Heikki Malaska

Tiina Malaska