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Petr Vasilevich KOZHEVNIKOV

Dermatologist and venerologist

Petr KOZHEVNIKOV, USSR Dermatologist and venerologist. Order of Red Banner of Labor; medal “Outstanding Public Health Worker”; other awards.


KOZHEVNIKOV, Petr was born in 1898 in Rostov-on-Don.


1922 graduated Medical Faculty, Don University, Rostov-on-Don.


Professor 1933; Doctor of Medicine Science since 1926. Corresponding member, USSR Academy of Medical Science, since 1946. Head, Chair of Skin and Venereal Diseases, Kirov Postgraduate Medicine Institute, Leningrad, since 1948.

Science Director, State Research Institute for Skin and Venereal Diseases, Leningrad. Science Director, Leningrad Oblast Skin and Venereal Outpatients’ Department. Editor, journal “Vestnik derma tologii i venerologii” (Herald of Dermatology and Venerology).

Honoured Worker of Science of Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic. Со-Editor, “Dermatology” and “Venerology” sections, “Bolshaya meditsinskaya entsiklopediya” (Large Medical Encyclopedia), 2nd edition. Member, Editorial Board, intemat. mcd. journal “Medical Excerpts”.

Was Deputy and Deputy Chairman, Turkmenistan Supreme Soviet. 1956 attended International Congress on Venereal Diseases and Treponemiasis, Washington. Specialist in anatomy and physiology of the skin in normal and pathological conditions.

Proved that pollution of an artery by mercury may cause a deep buttock gangrene. Described blue dermographism. Studied lymphatic canaliculi in the epithelium, fragility of skin vessels, the dermo-galvanic reflex, body response and skin reaction in various types of dermatosis.

1941 distinguished two forms of dermal leishmaniosis. Developed a method of prophylactic vaccination against this disease. Studied experimental leishmaniosis, atypical pyodermitis and eczematous reactions.

Is working on the classification and nomenclature of dermatosis, and science planning and organ, of campaign against skin and venereal diseases. Works deal with dermatology and venerology.


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