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Petr Nikolaevich Krasnov

author , Cossack General

Petr Krasnov, USSR Cossack General, author.


Krasnov, Petr was born on September 22, 1869 in Petersburg. Son of a Cossack General.


Educated at the Pavlovskoe Military School, 1888.


Served in the Life Guard Cossack regiment, 191013, on the Chinese border. During World War I, commander of a Cossack brigade and division. After the October Revolution 1917, the first to try — without success— to fight the Red forces (with Kerenskii, who joined him in Gatchina).

Elected Don Cossack Ataman, on 18 May1918, cleared the Don region of Bolsheviks. Acted independently in representing a pro-German orientation, in contrast to the Dobrovolcheskaia Army (General Denikin), which upheld the war-time alliance with England and France. Acknowledged the overall control of Denikin in January 1919, but resigned on 19 Feb 1919.

Took part in the operations of General ludenich against the Bolsheviks (near Petrograd). After the Civil War, emigrated and settled in Germany. Became a writer of popular historical novels.

During World War II, organized anti-Bolshevik Cossack forces financed by the Third Reich. Opposed the joining of forces between the Cossacks and General Vlasov’s ROA, considering Vlasov an upstart and former communist. Interned in Austria by British forces and in May 1945 handed over (with his family, officers and soldiers) to SMERSH, on whose wanted list he had been since the Civil War.

Tried in Moscow for treason with a group of former White generals and hanged.