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Petr Andreevich Pavlenko


Petr Pavlenko, USSR Author.


Pavlenko, Petr was born on July 11, 1899 in Petersburg. Son of a clerk.


Studied at the Baku Technical School, 1919-1920.


Joined the Communist Party in 1920. From 1920, on party work in the Red Army in the Caucasus. Sent to Turkey to work at the Soviet Trade Delegation, 1924-1927.

First publication, 1928. Usedoriental themes in his early writing. During the 1930s, worked in the film industry.

With S. Eisenstein, wrote the script for Aleksandr Nevskii, 1938 (Stalin Prize, 1941). War correspondent, 1939-1940, in Finland, and 1941-1945. Wrote the scripts for Kliatva and Padenie Berlina (1946 and 1947), which were both recognized in the 1960s as classic examples of Stalinist cinema.

Many official decorations.