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Petr Sidorovicb VETROV

Actor and producer

Petr VETROV, USSR Actor and producer. Popular Artist of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic since 1954; Chief Producer, Russia Drama Theater, Lugansk, since 1952. Member, Communist Party, since 1944.


VETROV, Petr was born in 1911 in Armavir, now Krasnodar Kray.


1935 graduated Leningrad Theatrical Institute.


1935-1937 at the Communist Youth League Theater, Leningrad. Since 1937 has worked in the Ukrainia. Productions: Lavrenev’s “Razlom” (The Break).

Korneychuk’s “Makar Dibrova”. Ostrovsky’s “Bespridannitsa” (The Girl Without a Dowry). Best roles: Fayunin in Leonov’s “Navala”.

Zhadov in Ostrovsky’s “Dokhodnoe mesto” (A Lucrative Job), etc.


Member, Communist Party, since 1944.


Member, Communist Party, since 1944.