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Petr Petrovich YEFIMENKO

member , archeologist

Petr YEFIMENKO, Archeologist; full member, Ukrainia Academy of Sciences, since 1945.


YEFIMENKO, Petr was born in 1884. Son of Ukrainia ethnographer P. Yefimenko.


Graduated Kiev University.


1923, 1925, 1929 conducted archeological excavations along the Don, 1931-1936 in region of Voronezh. 1937 excavated at Telmansk railroad station and proved existence of Paleolithic remains in Russia. Evolved new “stratigraphic” method of analysis.

1947-1952 Chief Editor, Ukrainia-language journal “Arkheologiya” (Archeology). Until 1955 Director, Institute of Archeology, Ukrainia Academy of Sciences.