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Petr Ivanovich YEGOROV


Petr YEGOROV, USSR Therapeutist. Major-General, Medicine Corps; Professor; Doctor of Medicine Science since 1936; corresponding member, USSR Academy of Medical Science; Head, 4th Chair of Therapy, Central Postgraduate Medicine Institute, Moscow, since 1954; Head,Department of Lung Pathology, Institute of Therapy, USSR Academy of Medical Science, since 1957.


YEGOROV, Petr was born in 1899.


1923 graduated Military Medicine Academy.


Member, Communist Party. Helped found aviation medical in USSR. 1932 planned and built first altitude chamber for training of flight personnel in USSR.

1934 together with A. F. Aleksandrov designed portable A Ye (Aleksandrov-Yegorov) device for selecting and classifying pilots according to their adaptability to altitude. 1929-1930 participated in long flights to test the state of various systems of his own and the pilot’s body. Helped develop a ventilation absorption system for stratospheric balloons and a medical device for pressure suits.

1945 attended International Congress of Military Physicians, Belgrade. Board member, All-Union and Moscow Society of Therapeutists. Deputy Chairman, Gastroenterological Department, Moscow Society of Therapeutists.

Member, Editor Council, journal “Terapevtichesky arkhiv”(Therapy Archives). Deputy, Moscow City and Rayon Soviet. Bureau member, Leningrad Rayon Communist Party of the Soviet Union Committee.

Со-Editor, multi-volume “Opyt sovetskoy meditsiny v Velikoy Otechestvennoy voyne 1941-1945 gg.” (Soviet Medical Experience in the 1941-1945 Great Patriotic War). Со-Editor, “Entsiklopedichesky slovar voennoy meditsiny” (Encyclopedic Dictionary of Military Medicine) and “Spravochnik dlya prakticheskogo vracha” (The General Practitioner’s Manual), etc. 1952 accused of espionage for England and of intentional mistreatment of prominent Party officials.

Arrested by state security organs. 1953 rehabilitated after Stalin’s death. Works deal with: aviation and military field medicine.

Clinical aspects and therapy of internal diseases. Hematology; lung and cardiovascular pathology. 1923-1924 intern, Communist Hospital.

1924-1929 Assistant, Pavlov Institute of Aviation Medicine. 1929-1941 intern, Assistant, senior Assistant, then Professor, Chair of Specialized Pathology and Therapy with Diagnosis, then Chair of Faculty Therapy, Military Medicine Academy. 1941-1945 Chief Therapeutist, Northern, then Leningrad Front.

Later Deputy Chief Therapeutist, Soviet Army. 1945-1952 Head, Kremlin Therapeutic and Sanitary Board.


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