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Philip Gunn

state legislator

Philip Gunn, American state legislator.


Gunn, Philip was born on January 27, 1963 in Hattiesburg.


Member District 56 Mississippi House of Representatives, since 2004, member conservation and water resources committee, judiciary A committee, judiciary en banc committee, juvenile justice committee, public utilities committee, member wildlife, fisheries and parks committee.


Through Jesus' death on the cross, and his resurrection, God has broken the power of all that is evil, in the world and in people.


All Christians should study Old and New Testament, which texts were written and gathered together over a long period of time. It is important to find out as much as we can about the original contexts in which texts were produced.


Married Lisa Watkins Gunn.

Lisa Watkins Gunn.


Every human being regardless of its race, gender or sexual orientation should have all human and civil rights.