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Philip Jon Peters Edit Profile

consultant , audio engineer

Philip Jon Peters, American audio engineer, consultant.


Peters, Philip Jon was born on August 10, 1965 in Wilmington, Delaware, United States. Son of Melvin Richard and Sandy Faith (Curtis) Peters.


Student, Liberty University, 1984.


Audio engineer, Bruce Heffner, Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, 1980-1983;audio engineer, technician, consultant, Liberty U., 1984-1985;audio engineer, Truth, Mobile, Alabama, 1985-1987;audio engineer, Old-Time Gospel Hour, Lynchburg, Virginia, 1987-1991;audio post engineer, The Family Channel, Virginia Beach, Virginia, since 1991.


Each person is responsible before God for his or her own understanding of the Bible and is encouraged to work out his or her salvation with fear and trembling.


The belief in religious freedom and its corollary, the separation of the institutions of church and state, come from the commitment to the authority of the Bible.


The strong feature of Baptism is that prayers are not only led by a minister, but often by a local preacher - a lay person who has been trained and authorized to lead worship and preach.


Melvin Richard Peters

Sandy Faith (Curtis) Peters