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Pier Angeli Edit Profile

also known as Anna Maria Pierangeli


Pier Angeli was an Italian actress, one of the great beauties of the early fifties.


Pier Angeli was born on June 19, 1933 in Sardinia. She was a daughter of Ernica Pierangeli.


The twin sister of Marisa Pavan, she was discovered as a teenager by Léonide Moguy and starred in Domani E Troppo Tardi (49, Moguy) and Domani E un Altro Giorno (50, Moguy). “Utterly charming and f ragile,” she was hired by Fred Zinnemann for Teresa (50), and that led to an MGM contract.

In America, she also made The Light Touch (51, Richard Brooks); The Devil Makes Three (52, Andrew Marion); The Story of Three Loves (53, Gottfried Reinhardt), in which she is a suicidal girl rescued by Kirk Douglas; Sombrero (53, Norman Foster); The Flame and the Flesh (54, Brooks); The Silver Chalice (54, Victor Saville); pretty good as the wife to Rocky Graziano in Somebody LJp There Likes Me (56, Robert Wise); Port Afrique (56, Rudolph Maté); to France for The Vintage (57, Jeffrey Hayden); with Danny Kaye in Merry Andrew (58, Michael Kidd).

That’s when she went back to Europe, and to more halting work: S O S. Pacific (60, Guy Green); the unlikely wife in The Angrt/ Silence (60, Green); Sodom and Gomorrah (61, Robert Aldrich): White Slave Ship (62, Silvio Amadio), with Edmund Purdom; Shadow of Evil (64, André Hunebelle); Spy in Your Eye (65, Vittorio Sala); Battle of the Bulge (65, Ken Annaldn); One Step to Hell (68, Sandy Howard); Even/ Bastard a Ling (70, Uri Zohar), made in Israel; Octaman (71. Harry Essex).


She was a beloved of James Dean, but her family disapproved of him. So she married the singer Vic Damone in 1954, but that only lasted a few years. She returned to Europe in the 1960s and was declared a suicide when she was not yet forty', the victim of a drug overdose.

Ernica Pierangeli. Angeli

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