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Pierre GOLDBERG, French Deputy.


GOLDBERG, Pierre was born on August 25, 1938 in Chourigny, Allier, France. Parents: Max Goldberg and Cécile Goldberg (née Juconde).


Saint-Somin Elementary School.


Member of bureau of Allier Communist Party Federation, since 1964. Town Councillor for Montlcon, 1972. Departmental Councillor for Montluçon-Ouest canton, 1973.

1st Vice-Chairman of Departmental Council for Allier, since 1976. Mayor of Montluçon, since 1977. Deputy for Allier, 2nd constituency: Montluçon, 1978-1981.

Secretary of the National Assembly, since 1978. Member of Commission for Finance, General Economy and the Plan and of Regional Council for Auvergne. Special rapporteur on Trade and Crafts Budget.

Departmental Councillor for Montluçon Nord-Est canton, since 1982. Deputy, non-aligned, for Allier, since 1988. Post and Telecommunications employee.