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Pierre WINTGENS, Belgian Senator.


WINTGENS, Pierre was born on April 9, 1931 in Limbourg.


Graduate in business and financial studies, Université Catholique de Louvain (Catholic University of Louvain). 1950-1953; obtained certificate from Institute of Political Studies, University of Paris, 1954. Graduate in business and consolar studies, 1955-1956.


District Councillor, Limbourg, 1964-1970. District Councillor, Baelen, 197I-. Mayor of Baelen, since 1974.

First Deputy Senator of Christian Social Party. Senator for Verviers, since 1985. Pres, of Christian Social Party Section in Wallonia Regional Council, since 1988.

Current position on government committees in senate, Deputy Representative on Committee for Foreign Trade. Vice-President of Committee for Finance. Acting Representative for Committee on the Political Infrastructure.

Current position on Wallonia Regional Council, Deputy Representative for the Budget, Finance and Housing, the Economy, PME and Employment. Acting Representative for Public Works. Associate Manager of Filalure Wintgens (Wintgens Mill) 1955.

Director and Treasurer of National Union of Relgian Millers of Raw Wool. Director New Association, for Public Conditioning of Verviers. Vice-President Intermunicipal Association, for the Clarification and refinement of the District Boroughs of Leège, SC (AIDE).