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Pietro VERRI


Pietro VERRI, Italian economist. Founder, Societa dei Pugni, Milan; Editor, // Caffe, 1764-1766.


VERRI, Pietro was born in 1728 in Milan, Italy.


His economic work, though chiefly the underpinning of policy recommendations, was scientifically of the highest standard. His concept of economic equilibrium was based ultimately on the calculus of pleasure and pain, for like his contemporary Beccaria he was a utilitarian. As an administrator he had access to copious supplies of facts and wove them into his argument in the most apposite fashion.

His work on the calculation of balance of payments figures is just one of his achievements in the quantitative field, and his other original contributions include a constant-outlay demand curve. Official, Austrian administration of Milan.


  • Founder, Societa dei Pugni, Milan. Editor, // Caffe, 1764-1766.