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Prof. Tullio REGGE

member of the European Parliament

Prof. Tullio REGGE, Italian Member of the European Parliament. D. Heineman Award for math, physics, 1964; Somain Prize, American Society of Physics, 1967; Einstein Medal, 1979; Gold Medal, City of Turin, 1979.


REGGE, Prof. Tullio was born on July 11, 1931 in Turin, Italy.


University of Turin, degree in Physics, 1952. University of Rochester, Ph.D, New York. 1956; habil, 1958.


Member of the European Parliament, since 1989. Lecturer, University of Turin, 1957-1962. Professor, Theory of relativity, University of Turin, since 1962.

Formulated a math, model in the relativistic theory of impacts and low temp, phenomena, gave his name (Regge Poles) to apparent particles that appear in intermediate phases.


  • Author of about 150 publications on physics of high energy.


Clubs: Chairman, Institut, for Interchange of Science Information. Italian Union of Mathematics Physics.


  • Other Interests