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Prof. Viktors KALNBERZS

member of parliament

Prof. Viktors KALNBERZS, Latvian Member of Parliament. USSR medals, 1947-1981; Order of Cyril and Methodins, State Council of Republic of Bulgaria, second degree, 1988; Medal to the Internationalist Soldier. Republic of Afghanistan, 1988. International Society of Surgeons; Orthopaedists and Traumatologists of Latvia; American Association, of Surgeons; Venezuelan Association, of Orthopaedists.


KALNBERZS, Prof. Viktors was born on July 2, 1928 in Moscow, Russia. Parents: Konstantins Kalnberzsand Milda Kalnberzs (née Viksnite).


Riga Institute of Medicine, surgery. 1951; Doctor of Medicine, 1959. Professor, 1969; spoken languages: Russian, German, a little English.


Member. Supreme Soviet of Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic, 1975-1990. Chairman, Commission of Health and Social Security, 1975-1990. Director, Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics, Riga. since 1959, Chairman, since 1960.

Academician, Academy of Medical Sciences of Russia, Moscow, since 1988. Academician, Academy of Sciences, Riga, since 1991. President, Kalnberzs firm, since 1990.

President, Kalnberzs International Health Fund, 1992. Editorial board member, various periosicals.


  • Various specialist publications in Russian and German, 1958-1990.




International Society of Surgeons. Orthopaedists and Traumatologists of Latvia. American Association, of Surgeons.

Venezuelan Association, of Orthopaedists. Clubs: Club 21.


  • Other Interests

    Cinema, photography, video, cycling, tourism. Well-being of the people.


Spouse Rita Kukaine (née Kukaine), 1958. Children: Konstantins, Maija, Inga.