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Puntsag Tsagaan Edit Profile

Minister of finance of Mongolia

Puntsag Tsagaan, Minister of finance of Mongolia.


Tsagaan, Puntsag was born in 1959 in Bayan-Ulgii aimag, WORLD0.


Student, Law College, 1976-1979; student, Mongolian State University, 1979-1980; graduate, Moscow Institute International Rels., 1985; student, International Law Academy, Hague, The Netherlands, 1991; student, Institute Administration and Management Development, 1992; student, Washington U., 1993-1994.


Officer, department director, central county, Federation Mongolian Trade Unions, 1985-1990; assistant to secretary state, Parliament of Baga Khural, 1990-1992; dep minister labor, Government Mongolia, 1992; legal assistant to president, Government Mongolia, 1992-1995; minister finance, Government Mongolia. Chief Executive Officer Golomt Bank, 1995-1996.