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Saudi Ambassador to Netherlands

Rashad M. NOWILATY, Saudi Ambassador to Netherlands. King Abdulaziz Order, Distinguished Grade; Lebanese Order of Cedar, Grosses Verdienstkreuz, First Class (Federal Republic of Germany).


NOWILATY, Rashad M. was born in 1929 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.


Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (Political Science), Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University, Egypt 1953.


Diplomatic Attache, Foreign Ministry 1953. Established and directed the Press Department after 2 months’ training at the United Nations Secretariat, New York. Was among the first group of Saudi diplomats establishing the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Bonn, where he served as Third and later Second Secretary, until 1960.

First Secretary, Counsellor and Minister Plenipotentiary, Saudi Embassy, Beirut 1960-1967. Personal Assistant to the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, the late Mr. Omar Sakkaf, in the capacity of Assistant Deputy-Minister, simultaneously directing the Political Arab Affairs Department 1968-1972.

Adviser to Saudi Arabian delegations to the First and Second Summit Conferences, Cairo and Alexandria 1964. Alternate Delegate of Saudi Arabia to United Nations General Assembly 1967. Deputy Head of Saudi delegations to the first three annual Conferences of the Islamic Foreign Ministers, Jeddah, Karachi and Jeddah.

Deputy Head of Saudi delegations to the conference charged with the preparation of the charter of the conference of Islamic Foreign Ministers, Jeddah, and to the conference charged with the preparation of the Islamic International Agreement establishing the International Islamic News Agency, Teheran. Head of the Saudi Mission charged with negotiating and signing an agreement with Egypt for the settlement of Saudi Arabian private funds previously nationalized by Egypt. Member of Saudi delegations to several Arab League Council and Arab Defence Council Sessions, Cairo, Beirut, Kuwait.

Member of Saudi delegations on State visits to numerous Arab, European and African countries. Member of Saudi delegations to Iran’s festivities commemorating the 2,500th Anniversary of the founding of the Persian Empire, the Algerian festivities marking the 10th Anniversary of Algeria’s independence. Saudi Ambassador to Netherlands.


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