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Renaud Theodore Trouvé Edit Profile

medical , company executive , anesthesiology educator

Renaud Theodore Trouvé, French medical and consulting company executive, anesthesiology educator. Recipient National Laureate French Association Insurance Companies, Paris, 1989, National Laureate (for Biocerom) L'usine Nouvelle, Nantes, France, 1995.


Trouvé, Renaud Theodore was born on June 23, 1954 in Ham, Somme, France.


Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, University Paris, 1980. Master of Science in Physiology, Human Biology, University Paris, 1980. Doctor of Philosophy in Toxicology, University Paris, 1982.

Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Philosophy in Biophysics, University Paris, 1984. Doctor of Science in Pharmacology, University Paris, 1991.


Research assistant University Paris Toxicology Laboratory, 1980-1982. Research associate University Paris Biophysics, 1982-1984. Research scientist Institute National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale, Paris, 1984-1986.

Assistant professor Columbia University, New York City, 1986-1989. Senior project leader Center National de Transfusion Sanguine, Paris, 1989-1991, director research, 1989-1992. Associate professor anesthesiology University Texas, Houston, since 1991.

Directing manager Transonic Systems France, Angers, 1992-1996. President and Chief Executive Officer Biocerom, France, 1992-1997. Consultant pharmacology ASERC, Paris, 1983—1992.

Consultant Rhone Poulenc, 1984—1996. Consulting scientist National Institute Drug Abuse, Baltimore, 1986—1987. Associate professor University Angers, 1994—2001.

Consultant in quality and health, 1998—2000. Director research and development Virtual Functions Systems, Palos Verdes, California, 1998—2001. Founder, administrator Serendi International Consultant, Luxembourg, 1999.

Professor ISAB, Beauvais, 2001—2005. Assessor Luxemburg Price for Quality, 2004—2006. Expert Accreditation Committee OLAS, Grand Duchy Luxembourg, since 2010.


  • Achievements include patents for antidotes to cocaine toxicity, antiaggregant properties of activated protein C, calcium channels inhibitors in parasympathetic syndromes, cerebral amino acids carriers in newborns, improvement of cardiac ischemia using hemodilution, antidotes to organophosphoreous compounds, true flow measurement in.250 mm or micrometer vessels by a transit time technique, web-based quality management tools, zero paper approach, risk management by hahrdra method, health and health related institutions management by TOC, MBC II or HBC implementation of the TPS. Design of new cursus by QFD.


  • Other Work

    • Author: (book) Toxicomanies, 1989. Contributor to publications Proceedings Society Experimental Biology and Medicine, since 1983, New England Journal Medicine, 1985. Inventor antidotes to cocaine toxicity, 1986, antiaggregant properties of activated protein C, 1992.


General secretary National League Against Toxicomania, Paris, 1992-1996, Center on Drugs, Paris, 1993-1996. President French Research Institute on Toxicomania. Vice president International League Against Toxicomania, 1996-2001.

Administrator Federation Nationale Associations Prevention Toxicomanie, 1996-2001. Patron Humanity Organization Entraide-Caraibes. Accredited mentor Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, since 2010.

Member American Society Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, American Heart Association, New York Academy of Sciences, British Pharmaceutical Society, European Society Microcirculation, French Toxicologists Society (National Laureate award 1986).


Son of Michel Albert and Colette Marie (Guilbert) T. Divorced; children: Helene, Claire, Vincent. Married Valerie Suzanne André, August 4, 2006.

Michel Albert Trouvé

Colette Marie (Guilbert) Trouvé

Valerie Suzanne André

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