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Riitta Anneli KAUPPINEN

Member of the Eduskunta

Riitta Anneli KAUPPINEN, Member of the Eduskunta.


KAUPPINEN, Riitta Anneli was born on July 14, 1946 in Sulkava. Mikkeli, Finland.


Licentiate of Medicine, 1978.


Member, PieksamĂ ki City Council, 1985. Member, city board, 1985-1987. Member of Parliament, since 1987.

Member. Transportation Committee. Member. Social and Health Committee. Nurse, 1968-1970; assistant, nursemaid, 1970-1973.

Health centre physician, 1978-1980. Hosp. physician, 1980-1982. Private practice, since 1982.

Occupational health physician, 1982-1985.


Spouse Reino Einari Kauppinen, 1965.