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Rina Vasil’evna Zelenaia Edit Profile


Rina Zelenaia, USSR Actress.


Zelenaia, Rina was born on November 7, 1902.


Graduated from a theatrical school, Moscow, 1919.


Became very famous for her voice as a child. Acted on radio, in the theatre and in films. Began as an actress in Petrograd theatres, performing in such plays as Ne Rydai and Balaganchik.

Moved to Moscow, where she appeared at the Satire, and Variety and Miniatures Theatres. Entered the film industry, 1931. Became a very popular comedienne.

Films include: Putevka v Zhizn, 1931. Podkidysh and Svetlyi Put’, 1940. And Inostranka and Tri Tolstiaka, 1966.

Very popular with Soviet children.