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Rita Oppenheim Pozniakoff Edit Profile

education software consultant

Rita Oppenheim Pozniakoff, American education software consultant.


Pozniakoff, Rita Oppenheim was born on November 19, 1949 in Munich. (parents American citizens). Daughter of Lester and Pearl Tobia (Waldman) Oppenheim.


Bachelor of Science, Center Missouri State University, 1973.


Department manager Venture Department Stores division May Company, St. Louis, 1973-1975. District sales manager Seven Up Company, 1975-1976. Account executive Christmas Club A Corporation, Easton, Pennsylvania, 1976-1983, Bankers Systems Inc., St. Cloud, Minnesota, 1983-1985.

Education services representative Control Data Corporation, Minneapolis, 1985-1986. Education specialist Radio Shack business products Tandy Corporation, Fort Worth, 1986-1987, district government and education marketing manager, 1987-1988, area education marketing manager, 1988-1989, manager government accounts Grid Systems Corporation division Parsippany, New Jersey, 1989. Senior account representative New York City schools Unisys Corporation, White Plains, New York, 1989-1990.

Marketing manager New York schools Jostens Learning Corporation, Phoenix, 1990-1992, TRO Learning, Inc., Edina, Minnesota, 1993-1996. Government and education sales manager CompUSA, Incorporated, New York York City, since 1996.


Married Theodore A. Pozniakoff, December 29, l985.

Lester Oppenheim

Pearl Tobia (Waldman) Oppenheim

Theodore A. Pozniakoff