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minister of economy and commerce , minister of public works and minister of tranport

Robert GOEBBELS, Minister of Economy and Commerce, Minister of Public Works and Minister of Tranport.


Secretary General of Socialist Youth. Member of management Committee of POSL, 1970-1985. Secretary General of POSL, 1980-1985.

Secretary of Parliamentary POSL Group. 1974-1984; City Councillor, Luxembourg. 1976, re-elected 1982.

Deputy, 1984. re-elected 1989. Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. Foreign Trade and Cooperation, 1984.

Secretary of State for the Middle Classes, 1984. Chairman of Schengen Accord Conference: Chairman of Internal Market Council and of Council for Development of the Communities, 1985. Co-Chairman of 1st CE-ASEAN Meeting of Ministers of the Economy.

Luxembourg signatory of Lomé Convention and Single European Act. Vice-Chairman of Ministerial Conference of General Agreement on Tarifs and Trade, Punta del Este (Uruguay Round). Chairman of opening session of CSCE meeting in Vienna.

1988; Minister of the Economy and Commerce, Minister of Transport and Minister of Public Works, since 1989. Journalist; columnist of Tageblatt (daily newspaper). Chairman of Luxembourg Journalists Association, 1972-1974.


parti Ouvrier Socialiste Luxembourgeois (POSL, Luxembourg Socialist Workers’ Party)