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Robert SIGL

Member of the Nationalrat

Robert SIGL, Austrian Member of the Nationalrat. Silver Service Award of Austria; Silver Medal of the Lower Austrian District Councillors’ Association.


SIGL, Robert was born on August 1, 1943 in Ober-Grafendorf.


Vocational school, trained as engine fitter. Social academy, 1965-1966.


Local Party Vice-Chairman, Sozialistische Partei Österreichs (Socialist Party of Austria), Ober-Grafendorf, 1963-1979, and local Party Chairman, 1979-1984. District councillor, Ober-Grafendorf, 1970-1985. Elected union representative of Austrian Federal Railways, since 1967.

Chairman, Union Representatives' Committee, Zugforderungsleitung, St. Pölten, 197088. Leader. Union of Railwaymen. St. Pölten. 1970-1988.

Chairman. Federal Directive, Union of Railwaymen, since 1987. Senior official. Chamber of Workers and Employees for Lower Austria. 1977, and Chairman, Transport Committee, since 1989.

Member of Provincial Executive Austrian Federation of Trade Unions. Lower Austria. 1979; Chairman, district Committee, Austrian Federation of Trade Unions, St. Pölten, 1988. Member of Nationalrat, for Burgenland, Lower Austria and Vienna, since 1989.

Steam, diesel and electric train driver, Austrian Federal Railways. Took Maschinenmeisterprufong. District Chairman, Co-operative Austria, St. Pölten.