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Robert Hans Andres Edit Profile

Neurosurgeon , researcher

Robert Hans Andres, Swiss neurosurgeon, researcher. Achievements include development of stem cell transplantation techniques. Recipient Research award, Franco Regli Foundation Switzerland, 2006, DKF Research award, University Berne, 2005, SYNTHES Research award, Swiss Society Neurosurgery, 2006; Research fellowship, Swiss National Science Foundation, 2006.


Andres, Robert Hans was born on August 29, 1973 in Solothurn, SO, Switzerland. Son of Hans Jürg Andres and Verena Martha Andres-Blaser.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems Engineering, Professional Baccalaureate School, Berne, Switzerland, 1993. Doctor of Medicine, University Berne, Switzerland, 2002.


Trainer neurosurgery, neuroradiology and neurology University Berne, Switzerland, 2002—2006. Staff neurosurgeon Department Neurosurgery University Berne, 2006—2007, attending neurosurgeon. Research scientist Department Neurosurgery Stanford University Medical Center, 2007—2009.


  • Achievements include development of stem cell transplantation techniques.


Member of Society Neurosci., Union Swiss Societies Experimental Biology, USGEB, Federation European Neurosci. Societies, Network European Central Nervous System Transplantation and Restoration, European Association Neurosurgical Societies, Swiss Society Biochemistry, Biophysics Section SGB, Swiss Society Neurosci., Swiss Society Neurosurgery, SSNC, Foederatio Medicorum Helveticorum.


Married Anja Ilka Madeleine Kehm, June 9, 2007. Children: Yaron Miro Lionel, Yuna Eleni Sophia.

Hans Jürg Andres

Verena Martha Andres-Blaser

Anja Ilka Madeleine Kehm

Yaron Miro Lionel Andres

Yuna Eleni Sophia Andres