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major general , United States Army

Robert L. BULLARD, Major General, United States Army.


BULLARD, Robert L. was born on January 5, 1861 in Youngsboro, Alabama, United States. Son of Daniel and Susan (Mizell) Bullard.


A. and M. College, of Alabama. United States Military Academy, 1885.


Infantry, 1898; honorary mustered out volunteer service, 1899. Colonel, 39 United States Volunteer Infantry, 1899. Major Commsy. of Subsistence, United States Army, 1901.

Honorary discharged, volunteer service, 1901. Transferred, 28 United States Infantry, 1903. Lieutenant Colonel, 8 Infantry, 1906, Colonel, 1911, Brigadier General and Major General, 1917.

Served in the United States with regiment during Spanish-American War, in Philippine Islands during Philippine Insurrection. Built Iligan-Lanas military road and Governor Lama Moros, Mendanao, 1902-1904. Special aid and investigator for United States Provisional Governor of Cuba, 1907.

Supervisor (secretary), Public Instruction and Fine Arts, Cuba, 1908. Commanding regiment district, National Guard Brigadier, Mexican Border bandit raids and National Guard Mobilization on border, 1915-1916. Commander, O.T.C., Arkansas, 1917, Brigadier General, United States Army, 1917.

Commanding, Second Brigadier, First Division, American Expeditionary Forces, France, 1917. Major General, N.A., 1917. Commanding First Division, A. E.F., 1917-1918, Third Corps, 1918.

Lieutenant General, 1918, Major General, 1918. Commanding Second Army, American Expeditionary Forces, France and Luxembourg, 1918-1919. Retired, 1925. President, National Security League, since 1925.

Wrote famous message at opening of Second Battle of Marne, July 1918, which marked turning point of war, concluding with the words: We are going to counter-attack. Awarded, Distinguished Service Medal, 1918, decorations from France and Belgium.


Spouse Rose D. Brabson. Colonel, Third Alabama.