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Roman Stanislaw Ingarden

physics educator , theoretical physicist

Roman Stanislaw Ingarden, Polish theoretical physicist, physics educator. Recipient Gold Cross of Merit, State Council, 1954, 10 Year medal State Council, 1955, Polonia Restituta Order, Cavalier Cross, State Council, 1964, Polonia Restituta Order, Officer Cross, State Council, 1972, Distinguished Teacher award Ministry of Education, 1982, Japanese Order of Holy Treasure Gold Rays with Ribbon, 1994.


Ingarden, Roman Stanislaw was born on October 1, 1920 in Zakopane, Poland. Son of Roman Witold and Maria Adela (Pol) Ingarden.


Master of Science in Physics, Jagiell. University, Krakow, Poland, 1946. Doctor of Science in Physics, Warsaw University, Poland, 1949.

DHC, N. Copernicus University, Torun, 1996.


Optical technician Jan Bujak, Lwow, Poland, 1941-1945. Assistant physics Silesian Technology University, Krakow, 1945. Assistant theoretical physics Wroclaw (Poland) University, 1945-1949, adjunct theoretical physics, 1949, assistant professor, 1949-1954, associate professor, 1954-1964, professor, 1964-1966.

Professor theoretical physics N. Copernicus University, Torun, Poland, 1966-1991. Professor emeritus, since 1991. Chief optician Bureau Optical Design, Wroclaw, 1946-1951.

Head group geom. optics St Mathem Institute, Wroclaw, 1951-1954. Head division low temperatures Institute Physics Academy, Wroclaw, 1954-1956.



Member Polish Physical Society (vice president 1974-1978, president Torun branch 1986-1987), European Physical Society, American Physical Society, International Association Mathematics Physics, Tensor Society Japan, Wroclaw and Torun Science Society (vice president 1991-1997), International Society Open Systems and Information Dynamics (president since 1992).


Married Anna Radowicz, December 7, 1945 (divorced December 1955). Married Regina Urbanowicz, May 5, 1956. Children: Krzysztof, Jacek.

Roman Witold Ingarden

Maria Adela (Pol) Ingarden

Anna Radowicz

Regina Urbanowicz

Krzysztof Ingarden

Jacek Ingarden