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Ronald Johnston WONNACOTT


Ronald Johnston WONNACOTT, economist in the field of Trade Relations and Commercial Policy; Econometrics. Woodrow Wilson Fellow, 1955-1956; Ford Foundation Faculty Fellow, 1957; Pres, Canadian Economie Association, 1981-1982; Board of Directors, Social Science Federal Canada, 1982-1983; Fellow, Royal Society Canada,1983-.


WONNACOTT, Ronald Johnston was born in 1930 in London, Ontario, Canada.


Bachelor of Arts University Western Ontario, 1955. Master of Arts, Doctor of Philosophy Harvard University, 1957, 1959.


Lector, Harvard Law School, 7. Assistant Professor, Association Professor, University Western Ontario, 1958-1961, 1962-1965. Visiting Association Professor, University Minnesota, 1961-1962.

Professor of Economics, University Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada.


  • Woodrow Wilson Fellow, 1955-1956. Ford Foundation Faculty Fellow, 1957. Pres, Canadian Economie Association, 1981-1982.

    Board of Directors, Social Science Federal Canada, 1982-1983. Fellow, Royal Society Canada,1983-.



Developed a two-country input-output model and its dual to describe the output and price linkages between the Canadian and United States economies. A regional analysis of the location of industry in the United States which was later extended to North America, and became the point of departure for a five-year study of the effects of CanadaUS free trade. This study was undertaken with Paul Wonnacott, with whom I have also co-authored several articles on customs union theory, and the CanadaUS Auto Pact, and a textbook in economics.

Contributed to trade policy debate in Canada by an analysis of topics such as industrial strategy, tariffs, various imaginative new forms of nontariff protection, and the economics of foreign investment. Co-authored with Tom Wonnacott several books on statistics, econometrics and regression (and a new least-distance econometric estimator). Obviously, my most important single decision: my choice of brothers/co-authors.