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Ronard Leslie TEIGEN


Ronard Leslie TEIGEN, economist. Ford Foundation Faculty Research Fellow, University Michigan, 1965-1966; Fellow, Econometric Society.


TEIGEN, Ronard Leslie was born in 1931 in Kenyon, Minnesota, United States of America.


Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Arts University Minnesota, 1952, 1955. Doctor of Philosophy Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass., USA, 1962.


Wrote on monetary and macroeconomic theory. Market Research Analyst, General Electric Company, Indiana, 1956-1958. Assistant Professor, Association Professor, Professor of Economics, University Michigan, 1962-1972, 1972-1984.

Visiting Professor, Norwegian School Economics and Business Administration, Bergen, 1969-1984. Consultant, Committee Nobel Prize in Economics, Stockholm, 1970. Research Fellow, Institute, Institution Intematational Economics Studies, University Stockholm, 1970-1984.

Department Assistant Director, Fiscal Analysis, United States Congressional Budget Office, 1975-1976. Association Editor, Journal of Finance, 72.


  • Ford Foundation Faculty Research Fellow, University Michigan, 1965-1966. Fellow, Econometric Society.