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Rosalyn Tureck Edit Profile

Editor , educator , author , concert performer

Rosalyn Tureck, American concert performer, author, editor, educator.


TURECK, Rosalyn was born on December 14, 1914 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Daughter of Samuel Tureck and Monya Lipson.


Piano studies with Sophia Brilliant-Liven, Chicago, 1929. Attended Jan Chiapusso, 1931. Harpsichord studies with Gavin Williamson, Chicago, 1932.

Piano studies with Olga Samaroff, New York City, 1935. Studies with Leon Theremin with 2 electronic instruments, New York City, 1932. Bachelor cum laude, The Juilliard School Music, 1935.

Doctor of Music (honorary), Colby College, 1964. Doctor of Music (honorary), Roosevelt University, 1968. Doctor of Music (honorary), Wilson College, 1968.

Doctor of Music (honorary), Oxford University, England, 1977. Doctor of Music (honorary), Music and Arts Institute, San Francisco, 1987.


Professor, of Music, University of California, San Diego 1966-1972, Regents Lecturer 1966, Visiting Professor, University of Maryland 1982-1984; Lecturer numerous universities and colls, of music, including University of Winnipeg, Canada, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas 1989, Brandeis and Yale Universities, Menendez Pelayo Institute, University of Santander, Spain 1990; Visiting Fellow, St. Hilda's Coli., Oxford 1974, Honorary Life Fellow since 1974; Visiting Fellow, Wolfson College, Oxford 1975; Founder-director of Composers of Today 1951-1955, Tureck Bach Players 1957. Institute Bach Society 1966 (now Tureck Bach Institute), Institute Bach Society Orchestra 1967, Institute for Bach Studies 1968; The Well-tempered Clavier (Books I and II), Goldberg Variations, Six Partitas, Italian Concerto, French Overture, Introduction to Bach, A Bach Recital, A Harpsichord Recital, Goldberg Variations and Aria and Ten Variations in the Italian Style (harpsichord), Italian Concerto, Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue, Four Duets (piano).; Fantasy and Fugue: Rosalyn Tureck plays Bach 1972, Rosalyn Tureck plays Bach on Harpsichord and Organ 1977, Joy of Bach (Rosalyn Tureck Soloist and Consultant) 1979, Bach on the Frontier of The Future 1980, Rosalyn Tureck Plays Bach in Ephesus, Turkey 1985. Member faculty Philadelphia Conservatory Music, 1935-1942, Mannes School, New York City, 1940-1944, Juilliard School Music, New York City, 1943-1955, Columbia University, New York City, 1953-1955. Professor music, lecturer. Regents professor University California, San Diego, 1966, professor music, 1966-1974.

Visiting professor Washington University, St. Louis, 1963-1964, University Maryland, 1981-1985, Yale University, 1991-1993. Visiting fellow St. Hilda's College, Oxford (England) University, 1974, honorary life fellow, 1974-2003. Visiting fellow Wolfson College, Oxford, 1975-2003.

Lecturer numerous educational institutions, United States, England, Spain, Denmark, Holland, Canada, Israel, Brazil, Argentina, Chile. Lecturer Royal Institute Great Britain, 1993, 96, Boston University, 1993, 94, Smithsonian Institution, 1994, Rockefeller University, 1994, University California, Santa Barbara, 1995, Hebrew University, Israel, Royal Institute Great Britain, London, University Southampton, Oxford University, 1993, 96, 97, International Piano Foundation, Lake Como, Italy, 1993, 94, 95, 97, 99. 10th International Congress Logic, Methodology and Philosophy Science, 1995.

Founder Composers of Today, 1949-1953. Society for performance international contemporary music, founder, director Tureck Bach Players, London, 1957, New York City, 1981. Founder, director International Bach Society, Institute for Bach Studies, 1968.

Founder, director Tureck Bach Institute, Inc., 1981, Symposia 1968-1986, Tureck Bach Research Foundation, Oxford, United Kingdom, 1994, First and Second Annual Symposium, Structure: Principles and Applications in the Sciences and Music and the Notion of Authenticity, 1996-1997, Third Annual Symposium, on Structure and the Concept of Concept, Worcester College, Oxford University, 1998. Academia Bartolomeo Cristofori, Florence, 1993-1997. Recitals, lecturer Oxford University, 1996.

Regents professor University of California at Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, 1995. Lecturer Royal Institution, London, 1996, Oxford University, 1996, 97, international Piano Foundation, Lake Como, Italy, 1993-1997. With Second International Symposium: Structure, Principles, and Applications in the Sciences and Music: The Notion of Authenticity, 1997, director, Institute for Advanced Museum Studies, AUg., 1997, December, 1997, August, 1998, August, 1999.


Fellow Guildhall School Music and Drama (honorary). Member Royal Museum Association London, American Musicological Society, Inc. Society Musicians (London), Royal Philharmonic Society London, Sebastian Bach de Belgique (honorary), American Bach Society, Oxford Society Clubs: Century (New York City, Oxford and Cambridge, London), Bohemians (New York City) (honorary).


Daughter of Samuel and Mary (Lipson) T. (West 1964).

Samuel Tureck

Mary (Lipson) Tureck