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business educator

Rosie Lee Sanchez, American finance educator. Recipient Cooperative Vocational Education Commendation, Chicago Board Education, 1983.


Sanchez, Rosie Lee was born on April 7, 1944 in St. Joseph, Louisiana, United States. Daughter of Ike Bellows, Junior and Ophelia (Hartley) Bellows McDonald.


Division, 1 child, Darryl. Bachelor of Science in Business Education, Langston U., 1967. Master of Arts in Business Education, governments State University, University Park, Illinois, 1981.

Certified business education instructor, Illinois.


Teacher 4thand 5th grades McClellan School, Chicago, 1967-1968. Teacher coordinator Headstart School, Hominy, Oklahoma, 1972-1974, PREP Progam, Joliet, Illinois, 1978-1979. Instructor STAT-TAB Training Center, Chicago, 1982-1983, curriculum specialist,1983-1986.

Employment assessor governments State University, 1985-1986. Director placementIll. Medical Training Center, Chicago, 1986-1989.

Business instructor Today's Ednl. Network; dean Sawyer College, Merrillville, Indiana, 1990-1991. Office manager DeweyElem.

School, Oklahoma City, 1991-1992. Instructor summer youth program in career education governments State University, 1979.


As responsible citizens Christians should pray for elected officials, submit to just laws, pay taxes, and serve in various capacities, such as on juries, in the military, in public office, and by voting for their representative leadership.


The word of God can be discovered only through the Bible.


  • Other Interests

    Reading, sports, horticulture.


1 child Darryl.

Ike Bellows McDonald Junior

Ophelia Bellows (Hartley) McDonald

Darryl Sanchez