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Financial analyst

ROy David Becker,, American financial analyst. Nominee Career Service award, National Civil. Service League, 1981; recipient outstanding performance and organizational excellence awards, United States Air Force.


Becker,, ROy David was born on December 20, 1938 in Louisville. Son of Roy David and Faye Ashton (Swartz) Becker.


Bachelor, Hanover College, 1961. Master of Arts, Central Michigan University, 1975. Master of Business Administration, University Dayton, 1977.


Management analyst Avionics laboratory United States Air Force, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, 1961—1963, finance specialist, budget analyst various programs, 1963—1978, staff budget analyst, 1978—1981, chief Mission division Directorate Programs and Budget. Comptroller Aeronautical Systems division, 1981—1984,, chief resources management division, Directorate of Program Control, deputy for Propulsion, Aeronautical Systems division, since 1984. Lecturer Air Force budget process Air Force Institute of Technology.


When anybody starts to follow the way of Jesus, it means to share his relationship with God as Father.


God, who is heard throughout the Bible, calls for justice for the widows, orphans and aliens who were oppressed by the powers of the day. Therefore the involvement in political life is something that Christians should not avoid.


Church members should meet regularly in order to be accountable to each other about how each person was living the Christian life.


Active Greater Dayton Big Brothers Association, 1965—1973, Young Men’s Christian Association Parent-Child Programs, since 1973. President Parent-Teachers Association, 1979—1980. Member drug committee Kettering Board Education, 1980—1981.

Member of American Society Military Comptrollers.


Married Ann McCrea Roettig, March 18, 1967. Children: Mark David, Julia Louise.

Roy David Becker

Faye Ashton (Swartz) Becker

Ann McCrea Roettig

Mark David Becker,

Julia Louise Becker,