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Rt. Hon. Timothy Alan Davan SAINSBURY


Rt. Hon. Timothy Alan Davan SAINSBURY, Minister for Industry, Department of Trade and Industry.


SAINSBURY, Rt. Hon. Timothy Alan Davan was born on June 11, 1932. Parents: Baron Sainsbury.


Eton; Worcester College, Oxford, politics, philosophy and economics.


Member of Parliament, since 1973. Vice-Chairman, Conservative Backbench Environment Committee, Chairman, All-Party Group for the Retail T rade. Honorary T reas., Conservative Friends of Israel.

Parliamentary Private Secretary to Michael Heseltine, 1979-1983. Sponsored Indecent Displays (Control) Act 1981. Assistant Government Whip, 1983-1985.

Lord Commissioner of the Treasury, 1985-1987. Under-Secretary of State for Defence Procurement. 1987-1989; Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, 1989-1990.

Minister of State for Trade, July since 1990. Ministerfor Industry, Department ofTradeand Industry. Life Guards, 1951-1952.

Director, J. Sainsbury pic, 1962-1983.