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S. C. Chang Edit Profile

also known as Chang Shih-chao

government official , Legal practitioner

Chang S. C. participated in the 1911 Revolution, was an editor, lawyer, civil servant and writer of several books.


Mr. Chang was born in Changsha, Hunan, China.


Chang S. C. studied first in Japan and later in England, where he majored in political science and law.


After the 1911 Revolution, Mr. Chang devoted his time to authorship and was editor of The Tiger magazine (a very well-known publication in China). He was a delegate of the Southern Government to the Internal Peace Conference at Shanghai, but owing to its failure, he again went to study in Europe, mainly in England, Germany and France, being at the same time appointed by the Peking Government special delegate to investigate education in Europe.

Upon returning to China in 1922, Chang S. C. was appointed president of the Peking National College of Agriculture, then - Minister of Justice, and finally - Minister of Education.

He is a well-known writer and author of several volumes of books on political science. During the years 1930 to 1931 Mr. Chang was a professor in the North-Eastern University at Mukden. Since 1932 he was engaged in private law pratice in Shanghai. From 1934 Chang S. C. served as a President of the Shanghai Law College.