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researcher , Mechanical engineer

Saho Norihide, Japanese mechanical engineer, researcher. Recipient Superconduction technical prize, An Untrodden Technology Association, 2001.


Norihide, Saho was born on February 8, 1948 in Oita-shi, Oita-ken.


Graduate in Machinist Subject, Kumamoto University, Kumamoto-Ken, 1971. Deng, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, ken, 1994.


Cryogenic engineer Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory, Dallas, 1993. Visiting scientist Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkely, 1994. Chief researcher Hitachi, Ltd.

MERL, HItachinaka, Japan, since 2001.


  • Achievements include patents for magnetism stem cell magnetic induction technology using a superconducting bulk magnet. Development of expansion turbine for large-scale helium liquefaction, low temperature heat exchanger for large-scale air liquefaction. Invention of a separate type small helium refrigerator with the new transfer tube, magnetic Doctor of Dental Surgery using a superconducting bulk magnet.

    Development of an Nuclear magnetic resonance use low vibration model separate type small helium cooling system with the new transfer tube, an ion microscope use low vibration cooling system. Development of largescale for oil field, small magnetic separation oil water purification technology, magnetic separation seawater purification technology for ballast water purification. Development of fresh water transportation business to the desert as the ballast water of the tanker, prevention of stress corrosion breaking technology of the chemical container.

    Invention of consecutive magnetic separation technology for water purification using a superconducting solenoid or bulk magnet. Development of small superconducting Medical Research Institute, high-performance super-conducting magnet for maglev trains and high-performance helium refrigerator for maglev trains, new dried flower drying technology. Design of cooling system of a super-conducting magnet for superconducting super collider and cooling system of a super-conducting magnet for SLAC for B-Factory.


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Married Saho Midori; children: Saho Hidehisa, Saho Mizuki, Saho Mizue, Saho Tomohide.

Saho Midori

Saho Hidehisa Norihide

Saho Mizuki Norihide

Saho Mizue Norihide

Saho Tomohide Norihide