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Said ben Abdul Aziz AL-JANDOOL

Vice-President of Disciplinary Board

Said ben Abdul Aziz AL-JANDOOL, Vice-President of Disciplinary Board.


AL-JANDOOL, Said ben Abdul Aziz was born in 1923 in A1 Aflaj, Saudi Arabia.


B.L. (Islamic Law), Faculty of Islamic Law, Mecca.


Principal of Al Ilmi Saudi Institute, Mecca 1955. Assistant Director-General of Secondary Education 1965. Assistant Director-General of Education 1966.

Member of Sub-Committee on Education, Supreme Committee on Islamic Orientation, Constituent Committee of Imam Educational Institution. Has been entrusted with several educational and cultural missions in various Arab countries. Vice-President of Disciplinary Board.


  • Books published: Al Tawheed Wal Tahzeeb (Monotheism and Cultivation), Al Dorar Al Fidhdhiyyah Al Kitabil Tawheed (Notes on the Book of Monotheism by Shaikh Mohamad ben Abdul Wahab). Books under publication: Difa'on ’Anil Islam (A Defence of Islam), Hatta La Naqa'a Fil Teeh (How to Avoid Going Astray).


Jesus as a prophet has very special significance. He is a miracle of God, an aya. He is the word and spirit of God.

He is the prophet of peace, and it is he who predicts the coming of Muhammad (PBUH).


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