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capital of Saudi Arabia , Governor of Riyadh

SALMAN BEN ABDULAZIZ, Governor of Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia.


BEN ABDULAZIZ, SALMAN was born in 1936.


As the son of the late King Abdulaziz, founder of the Kingdom, Prince Salman received a court education at the hands of great Ulemas (scholars of Islam) supplemented by private tutoring in various fields of knowledge.


As Governor of Riyadh, Prince Salman shares in many affairs of government, attends summit conferences held in the capital and takes part in political talks with foreign Heads of State besides his work in running the local affairs of the Saudi capital. He is also Chairman of several charity projects and societies. Chairman of the Supreme Committee for planning the City of Riyadh.

Governor of Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia.


Our life is a journey that offers us many different options. But only one is true and clear. This is the path of straight life with Allah.


  • Other Interests

    Reading, falconry.