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Samuel Isaac Doctors Edit Profile

Management educator , researcher director

Samuel Isaac Doctors, American management educator, researcher director. Bar: Massachusetts 1967.


Doctors, Samuel Isaac was born on July 1, 1936 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Son of Abraham and Celia (Lakoff) Doctors.


Bachelor of Science, University Miami, 1956. Juris Doctor, Harvard University, 1967. Doctor of Business Administration, Harvard University, 1969.


Associate engineer, Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Baltimore, 1956-1958;senior mathematics analyst, Air Corps Sparkplug division General Motors, El Segundo, California, 1958-1959;senior development engineer, work director aero division, Honeywell, St. Petersburg, Florida, 1961-1964;consultant technical, management, economics, various organizations, 1968-1981;project manager, N. Lawndale Economics Development Corporation & NUGSM, 1971-1973;associate professor, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, 1969-1973;faculty advisor, director, Management Assistant Clinic, Northwestern University, Chicago, 1969-1973;professor, U. Pittsburgh, 1974-1984;co-principal investigator, project monitor, U. Pittsburgh, 1977-1979;project manager, Allegheny County Energy Study, 1977;principal investigator, Urban Technology System Evaluation, National Science Foundation, 1978-1981;principal investigator, Small Business Administration and Department Energy, Washington, 1979-1980;professor administration, California State University, Hayward, since 1982;founder, director Center for Business & Environmental Studies, California State University, Hayward, since 1991;founder, director, California Urban Environmental Research and Education Centerfounder, director, Region IX Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Finance CenterChief Executive Officer, Alameda Center for Environmental Technologies, 1995. Lecturer Harvard University Business School, 1968-1969. Chairman R & D workshop task forceon minority business education and training United States Office Education, 1972-1973.

Business advisor David Community Development Corporation, Kentucky, 1973-1976. Board directors Energy Policy Institute, U. Pittsburgh, 1979-1981. Visiting professor University of California School Business, Berkeley, 1980-1982.

Technical advisor Western Gerontological Society, since 1984. Professor business administration California State University Hayward, since 1983. Member steering committee Harvard Business School Community Partnership{ director Center Business & Environmental Studies, California State University, Hayward, since 1991, Urban Environmental Research & Education Center, 1993.


  • Bar: Massachusetts 1967.


  • Other Work

    • Author books (9) and over 40 articles on management.


Vice president, board directors Senior Citizens Service Corporation, Pittsburgh. Chairperson Energy Outlook '78, Allegheny County Air Pollution Control Board Sponsoring Agency, San Francisco Community Recyclers. Member American Bar Association, American Political Science Association, American Economic Association, National Association Community Development, American Association for the Advancement of Science, National Council Small Business Development, National Academy Management (sounding board manpower division), Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce.


Son of Abraham and Celia (Lakoff) D. M. Meredith Cahn, 1988. 1 child, Olga; children from previous marriages: Eric, Rachel, Rebecca.

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Celia (Lakoff) Doctors

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