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Samuel W. CARMACK Edit Profile

State legislator

Samuel W. CARMACK, American State Legislator. Member, Masons.


CARMACK, Samuel W. was born in 1882 in Fayetville, Tennessee, United States. Son of S.W. and Mattie (Ross) Carmack.


Common School.


Mayor, Town of Gould, since 1915. Member Oklahoma State House of Representative, since 1929. Served actively as member commissions on Agriculture Education.

Geological and Economic Survey. Levees, Draii*s and Irrigation. Soldiers Relief; Prohibition Enforcement.

Sponsor of tax increase on gasoline to 4 cents per gallon. Active on all Soldier Relief and Farm Relief legislation. Engaged privately in real estate and grain.


Member, Masons.


Spouse Esther W. Summers, 1910, Gould, Oklahoma.