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Satu Maijastiina HASSI

Chairman of the Parliamentary Group , Vihreä Liitto

Satu Maijastiina HASSI, Finnish Chairman of the Parliamentary Group, Vihreä Liitto. The Writers’ Union of Finland.


HASSI, Satu Maijastiina was born on June 3, 1951 in Helsinki, Finland. Parents: Osmo Hassi and Maija-Liisa Hassi, 1974.


Master of Science in Engineering, 1979. Licentiate of Engineering, 1985. Spoken languages: Finnish.

Swedish, English. German.


Member, Tampere City Council, since 1985. Vice-Chairperson, Green Alliance, 1989-1991. Member of Parliament, since 1991.

Member. Transportation Committee. Chairman of the Parliamentary Group, Vihreà Liitto. Design and research engineer, Oy Tampella Ab Tamrock, 1979-1981.

Sr. teacher, Tampere Technical University. Acting chief assistant, 1981-1985. Freelance author, since 1985.


  • Magdalene No Mres Ashamed (poems), 1984. Female Screw, 1986. The Serpent and the Tree of Knowledge (report on women and technology), 1987.

    A Wall which does not exist, 1988. The New Clothes of King Adam (TV-play), 1989.


The Writers’ Union of Finland.


  • Other Interests

    The world yesterday, today and tomorrow.