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Sergei Efron


Sergei Efron, USSR Journalist.


Efron, Sergei was born in 1893.


In 1911, met the young poetess, M. Tsvetaeva and married her soon afterwards, while still a cadet in an officers’ school. During the Civil War, joined the White Army. Evacuated with the Whites, lived near Prague, where Tsvetaeva joined him in 1922.

In 1925, joined Tsvetaeva in Paris. Gradually adopted a pro-Soviet position, and finally became involved in GPU operations abroad. In 1937 after his participation in the murder of the GPU defector, Ignatii Reiss, he had to flee from police investigations.

Contacted GPU representatives in Spain and from there returned to the Soviet Union, followed shortly afterwards by Tsvetaeva (their daughter Ariadna had returned earlier). Disappeared in the Gulag, probably executed.