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Sergei Nikiforovich Kruglov Edit Profile

general , chief of state security

Sergei Kruglov, USSR General, chief of state security.


Kruglov, Sergei was born in 1892.


Head of the NKVD (Interior ministry), July 1945-March 1953 and Committee for State Security. June 1953-March 1954. After the war. awarded many of the highest Western awards for his contribution to victory in World War II. After Beria’s fall, practically the only member of the old secret-police leadership who survived and helped to adapt the security system to the new party leadership.

Replaced by Serov.


Religion is bad because it divides people, and is a cause of conflict and war.


The emphasis on peaceful coexistence doesn’t mean that the Soviet Union accepted a static world with clear lines. Socialism is inevitable and the "correlations of forces" were moving towards socialism.