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Sergei Georgievich Lazo


Sergei Lazo, USSR Revolutionary.


Lazo, Sergei was born on February 23, 1894 in Piatry (now Lazo) in Moldavia.


Studied at Petersburg Technical Institute and Moscow University.


During World War I, attended the Alekseevskoe Military School, and appointed officer of a Siberian reserve regiment in Krasnoiarsk. Left-wing SR, involved in revolutionary propaganda among soldiers. After the October Revolution 1917, Revolutionary Commander of Irkutsk.

Joined the Communist Party, 1918, appointed commander of the Transbaikal front, fought against ataman Semenov. Organized an underground communist committee in Vladivostok, 1918. Commander of Red partisan detachments in the Far East, 1919.

In January 1920, after a successful coup, took power in Vladivostok. In April 1920, Vladivostok was occupied by the Japanese, and he was executed, (burned alive in a locomotive, according to Soviet sources).