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Sergei Ivanovich Sharshun

artist , author , poet

Sergei Sharshun, USSR Artist, author, poet.


Sharshun, Sergei was born on August 4, 1888 in Buguruslan in the Urals. Son of a Slovak settler.


In 1908, moved to Moscow, where he studied art. Began as an impressionist. In 1912, moved to Paris, where he met Braque and Picasso.

From 1916-1917, lived and worked in Barcelona where he exhibited for the first time. Returned to Paris, 1920. At onetime, joined the cubists, praised by Picasso.

Very famous in the 1920s, but went completely out of fashion and was forgotten sometime after the 1930s. In old age, lived in great poverty. Rediscovered posthumously.

Several exhibitions in Paris. Also rediscovered in the Soviet Union.