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Sergei Mikhaylovich VESELOV


Sergei VESELOV, Second Secretary, Tashkent Oblast Committee Uzbekistan, since 1959. Member, Central Committee, Communist Party Uzbekistan, since 1956. orders; medals.


1941 graduated Moscow University.


1941-1943 organizer of Communist Youth League battalions for defense of Moscow. Deputy, Uzbekistan Supreme Soviet of 1959 convocation. 1941-1943 in Soviet Army.

1944-1946 in Moscow City Communist Youth League Committee. 1947-1948 course lecturer, Central Committee, All-Union Communist Youth League. 1949-1952 member, Moscow Oblast Communist Youth League Committee and work ed for Central Committee, Communist Youth League.

1952-1955 worked for Central Committee, All-Union Communist Youth League. 1955-1959 Second Secretary, Bukhara Oblast Committee Uzbekistan. 1954-1956 Chairman, Central Auditing Commission All-Union Communist Youth League.