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Sergey Timofeevich KONENKOV

sculptor , Popular Artist of USSR since 1958

Sergey KONENKOV, Sculptor, Popular Artist of USSR since 1958. Full member, USSR Academy, of Arts, since 1954; board member, USSR Union of Artists. Order of Lenin, 1956; Stalin Prizes 1951; Lenin Prize, 1957.


KONENKOV, Sergey was born in 1874 in Smolensk Guberniya.


1897 graduated Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. 1902 graduated St. Petersburg Academy, of Arts.


1905-1906 on foreign mission. 1912 trip to Egypt and Greece. 1916 elected full member, Petrograd Academy, of Arts.

1917-1924 member, Moscow Board,Department of Fine Arts, Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic Popular Commissariat of Education. 1924-1945 emigre in United States of America. Since 1945 has worked in USSR.

1955 visited Karelo-Finnish Soviet Socialist Republic.