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Seymour Jeffrey Rubin Edit Profile

educator , judge , Lawyer

Seymour Jeffrey Rubin, American lawyer, educator, judge. Bar: Illinois 1939, District of Columbia 1941. Recipient Sesquicentennial award University Michigan, 1967, Grand Silver medal Austria, 1967, Certified of Honor from United States Department State, 1994.


Rubin, Seymour Jeffrey was born on April 6, 1914 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Son of Sol and Sadie (Bloom) Rubin.


Bachelor, University of Michigan, 1935;Bachelor of Laws magna cum laude, Harvard University, 1938;Master of Laws, Harvard University, 1939.


Member, United States Reparations Delaware, 1945;member, Inter-American Conference on Problems of War and Peace, 1945;chief, United States Delegation on Post-War Problems, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, 1946;assistant legal adviser economics affairs, Department State, 1946-1948;legal adviser United States delegations to organizing conferences, General Agreement of Tariff and Trades, 1947-1948;practiced law, Washington, 1948-1961;member, Special Presidential Mission to Bolivia, 1961;personal representative President to Bolivia wih rank of special ambassador, 1962;general counsel, International Cooperation Administration and Agency for International Development, 1961-1962;United States representative, Development Assistance Committee, 1962-1964;United States representative to special committee, United Nations Security Council, 1964-1965;counsel, Surrey, Karasik & Morse, 1964-1975;United States representative, United Nations Commision on International Trade Law, 1967-1969;professor of law school, American U., Washington, 1973-1985;professor emeritus, American U., Washington, since 1985;executive vice president, American Society International Law, 1975-1985;member, Inter American Juridical Commission, 1974-1994;chairman, Inter American Juridical Commission, 1988;United States representative, United Nations Commision on Transnat. Corps., 1975-1987;honorary member, Inter American Juridical Commission, since 1995;member United States delegate, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Technology Transfer Conference, 1978;member panel of conciliators, International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes, since 1981;professor emeritus in residence, American University Law School, Washington, since 1988. Judge administrative tribunal Inter-American Development Board, since 1994.

Consultant unites states department State, Brookings Institution, 1948-1949. Chief United States delegate negotiating Marshall Plan Agreements, 1951-1952. Deputy administrator Mutual Defense Assistance Control Act, 1952-1953.

Public member Commision on International Rules of Judicial Procedure, 1961-1962. Adjunct Professor Georgetown University Law Center, Washington, 1964-1972. Lecturer Sloan School Business Administration, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, 1969.

President Inter-American Legal Superior vena cava syndrome Association, 1980-1982. Senior consultant American Society International Law. Lecturer in field various universities worldwide, since 1949.

Chairman Bellagio Trade Conference, 1985, Symposium on United States-European Cmty. Trade Issues, Boston, 1987. Chairman United States Government Constitution Committee on Democratic Institutions, since 1987.

Consultant legal issues of trade and investment.


  • Bar: Illinois 1939, District of Columbia 1941.



Member of the board Institute International Law, Consumers for World Trade. Member American Society International Law (senior advisor), International Law Association, Washington Institute Foreign Affairs, American Bar Association, Council Foreign Affairs, American Law Institute, Inter-American Bar Association (trustee), Society International Development, Washington Foreign LawSoc. (board directors).


Married Janet Beck, March 26, 1943.

Sol Rubin

Sadie (Bloom) Rubin

Janet Beck