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Shih-cha Li (Admiral S. K. Lee)

Vice-Minister of Navy

Shih-cha Li was a Chinese vice-minister of Navy.


Mr. Li was born in Fukien, China in 1894.


Shih-cha Li graduated from the Chefoo Chinese Naval College in April, 1911.

He also entered Naval Tactical College for Officers in Nanking in November 1914 and after receiving diploma was promoted junior lieutenant on Cruiser "Hai-Yung" in April 1915. Mr. Li detached to study submarine navigation in U.S.A., finishing the course in October, 1916.


Mr. Li served as midshipman on Training Ship "Tung-Chi" in 1911-1912. He was acting torpedo officer on Cruiser "HaiChi" in March 1917. He was appointed member of the Commission to take charge of the German ships in Chinese Waters, torpedo officer on Cruiser ''Hai-Yung" in May 1917, was promoted Flag Lieutenant to the Commander of the 1st Squadron and member of the Commission for Confiscating the Austrian merchant ships in August 1917.

Shih-cha Li was senior lieutenant attached to the Commodore's staff at Vladivostock in August, 1918, Chinese Government representative to the Czechoslovack Army in the Western Front Headquarters in Siberia in October 1918, instructor of Cadets at Nanking Training Station in 1919, instructor on training ship "Tung-Chi" in 1920-1922. Then he was transferred to Peking as Aidede-Camp to the Minister of Navy in August 1922, promoted Commander and concurrently staff officer to the Port Commissioner of Mamoi and captain of the Naval Barrack in December 1922, flag commander of the Training Squadron in September 1923, Captain of Destroyer "YuChang" in April 1924, Captain of R.C.S. "Chu-Tung" in October 1924, advisor to the Commander-in-Chief of the Nationalist Army in 1927, Captain of Training Ship "Tung-Chi" and chief inspector of the construction of warships at Kiangnan Dock and Engineering Works in 1928.

Mr. Li was also appointed Director of the Administrative Affairs Department of the Ministry of Navy with rank of Rear-Admiral in June 1929, and concurrently Administrative Vice-Minister of Navy, since 1981.