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Shirley Jackson is a recognized master of American "supernatural horror in literature." Her short story, "The Lottery" is widely regarded as a classic in the genre and is often required reading. "The Haunting of Hill House" is as highly evaluated as the "Turn of the Screw" by Henry James, the best stories of M.R James and other famous stories about ghosts, which have become archetypes of the genre.


Born in San Francisco in the family of Leslie and Geraldine Jackson.Childhood of the future writer was held in Burlingame - a suburb of San Francisco, favored by the middle class. Jackson lived in San Fransisco for a few years before moving to New York together with her parents. As a result of her move to New York Jackson ended up attending the University of Rochester and his proved to be a turning point in Shirley Jacksons life. It was during her years in university that she developed her interest for writing as well as meeting her future husband Stanley Edgar Hyman. Jacksons marriage with Stanley Edgar took her to North Bennington, Vermont and it was here that she would not only settle down but also thrive in her writing. She wrote most of her pieces in North Bennington and lived her life there up until her death in 1965.


After a year, in 1936, she withdrew and spent a year at home practicing writing, producing a minimum of a thousand words a day. Shirley Jackson attended the University of Rochester and it was her she both created the foundation of her writing but also met her future husband.


Shirley Jackson had a career as a writer and published many books during her career. As a writer you write books which you publish and in that way earn money but Shirley Jackson didn't only publish books but also made her living through writing for newspapers and magazines. Shirley Jackson never had a normal daytime work because she was able to make money from writing from very young age and this led her to a career only as a writer.


  • Achieving iconic status among scholars and literature experts. Shirley Jackson greatest achievement was the birth of her 4 children which she believed was the best thing in her life. She also had many minor achievements such as climbing mountains and becoming very successful writer


  • novel

    • The Road Through the Wall (1948)

    • Hangsaman (1951)

    • The Bird's Nest (1954)

    • The Sundial (1958)

    • The Haunting of Hill House (1959)

    • We Have Always Lived in the Castle (1962)

  • short stories

    • "About Two Nice People," Ladies Home Journal, July 1951.

    • "Account Closed," Good Housekeeping, April 1950.

    • "After You, My Dear Alphonse." New Yorker, Jan 1943.

    • "Afternoon in Linen." New Yorker, Sept 4, 1943.

  • Story collection

    • The Lottery and Other Stories (Farrar, Straus, 1949)

    • The Magic of Shirley Jackson (Farrar, Straus, 1966)

    • Come Along with Me (Viking, 1968)

    • ust an Ordinary Day (Bantam, 1995)


She believed in God. Jackson also celebrated Christmas and other religious festivals due to her strong belief in God. Jackson was often visiting churches and reading the bible and she enjoyed many different kinds of churches around USA but her favorite was always the one she visited most in Vermont. She liked to sit in the church due to its peaceful surroundings and feeling the close connection to God.


Shirley Jackson had a rather diplomatic point of view regarding political opinions and always wanted the best for her country. Jackson believed that in order to be a prosperous and peaceful country everybody needs to help the country and be a good citizen. Jackson's political view was based on her views on life and that everybody is created equal and freedom and liberty are things to strive for. Jackson was against war, poverty and undemocratic behavior so she advocated freedom, peace, opportunities and a good life for all citizens. Jackson always stated that her political views are for the greater good of her country and that USA should become a role model for the world but not through the use of violence and military strategies but rather through diplomatic mission much in the like of Henry Kissingers diplomatic missions to China and the Soviet Union. Jackson believed that USA's invasion in Normandy together with the allies was vital for the victory of Hitler but that USA should now push more for peace than for declarations of war. Shirley Jackson never officially declared which presidents she had voted for but rather maintained her diplomatic persona.


Shirley Jackson was in many ways a true American housewife and lived her life with strong family values and beliefs. Jackson also had very humble and down to earth point of view when it comes to life and this is reflected through her persona and image as a housewife.


. Jackson’s style, clear and melodious, serves as a reference point for prose writers all over the world and her views on human psychology were far ahead of her time. The writer had a tendency for open endings giving the readers the right to have their own interpretations of her texts and she was reluctant to give interviews.

Fears and anxieties of the mankind of the era of Cold War were imperceptibly reflected in

her works, but every new generation finds in these books something special. Even in realistic works of Jackson (not to mention science fiction) you can find certain devilry, lurking magic.

Not without a reason Stanley Human once said that his wife is “the only practicing witch among contemporary writers, though being an amateur”.


  • Philosophers & Thinkers


  • Politicians

    Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • Writers

    Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, Nigel Kneale and Richard Matheson.

  • Artists


  • Sport & Clubs

    New York Yankees

  • Athletes

    Babe Ruth

  • Other Interests

    Grooming her dog

  • Music & Bands

    The Who, Frank Sinatra, Woody Guthrie


Shirley Jackson was married with 4 children

1st husband:
Stanley Edgar Hyman

As Shirley Jackson herself her husband was also a writer

1st daughter:
Laurence - American - Daughter

Shirley Jackson's daughter

3rd daughter:
Sarah - American - Daughter

Shirley Jackson's daughter

1 st son:
Barry - American - Son

Shirley Jackson's only son

2-nd daughter:
Joanne - American - Daughter

Shirley Jackson's daughter as well