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Shou-min Tang Edit Profile


Shou-min Tang was a Chinese banker.


He was born in Chinkiang, Kiangsu, China in 1891.


Shou-min Tang started his banking career as manager of the Bank of China at Hsiakwan, Nanking, China and later became sub-manager of the head office of the Shanghai Commercial and Savings Bank.

He was then sent to Hankow to open a branch office and became manager. Then he returned to Shanghai and was appointed director of the Shanghai Mint in 1927. He was a founder of the China State Bank and director and general manager.

Mr. Tang was elected a member of the board of the Bank of Communications and manager of the Shanghai branch since 1927, managing director of the Manufacturers Bank of China from 1927 till 1931, director and concurrently general manager of the banking department of the Central Bank of China from 1931 till 1934, general manager of the Bank of Communications since 1934.